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Reason for block:

Dear GlobalLogic India editing team,

it appears that there are problems with edits you have performed in Jakarta, Indonesia. See

for a description of the issue. Before you continue editing, please fix these problems, and participate in the discussion with the community in Indonesia. It appears that you are using different satellite imagery than other mappers which leads to conflicts.

Please also clarify your intention and affiliation (for whom are you making these edits and what is the purpose) on your OpenStreetMap profile page.

It might be best if you have your supervisor or project coordinator make contact either on the user page above, or by email to so that the matter can be sorted.

Please do not continue editing OpenStreetMap until this matter has been solved.

Please also convey this message to those of your team members that might not have been messages directly.

Please do not, under any circumstances, create new accounts on OpenStreetMap to circumvent this temporary blocking of your account.

Frederik Ramm OSMF Data Working Group