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Hi Everyone

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Harry Mahardhika. I am living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am OSM user and working with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia as a Project Coordinator. Currently, I coordinate a collaboration project between HOT and Disaster National Management Agency in Indonesia. In general, our project to map certain cities in Indonesia to complete its critical infrastructures such as education, health, public facilities. We also update its administration boundary. We have been doing this project since 2016 until now. There are 3 cities that have been mapped in this project: Surabaya, DKI Jakarta and Semarang.

Until now, we still monitoring about our mapping project area. Unfortunately, last week we found that there were some changes in DKI Jakarta’s data that makes many of those data become error and broken. In general, main cause of those problem because some OSM Accounts shift / move existing data DKI Jakarta. We analyze and we found that because they trying to match those data with Digital Globe Satellite.

From explanation above, there are some suggestion that I would like to tell you:

  1. When map DKI Jakarta, our team use satellite imagery from Geo Center USA because it was clearer and update. So please, DO NOT shift/move existing data in DKI Jakarta based on Digital Globe Satellite. They have ruined our effort and data in DKI Jakarta.
  2. Why do they keep doing this? Is it individual work? Or do they work on certain project also in DKI Jakarta? If so, which organisation they work for? I need this explanation because more than one person doing this.
  3. For you that read this diary and feel responsible about this problem, please fix the data that have you ruined. Please shift/move according to existing OSM data in DKI Jakarta.

List of OSM Accounts that made Crossing Ways and Buildings at OSM DATA in Jakarta as below:

  1. kawle
  2. stella9
  3. Neethu5
  4. naik4
  5. surya8
  6. marupally
  7. motkar
  8. vaidha1
  9. neela1
  10. udaykiran3
  11. akhil2
  12. renuka1
  13. Malka7
  14. Alekhya5
  15. Pabbas
  16. Tejan7
  17. Harishpuppala
  18. zakriya1
  19. Kolla6
  20. parveen5
  21. ardhavara
  22. saisokam
  23. anushalanka
  24. srivastav5
  25. Rakesh9
  26. Sajjad1
  27. poornima1
  28. damaraju
  29. apurva2

Just for the record, most of those accounts just joined OSM in January – March 2018. So basically, there are 2 possibilities here. First, they are new users so they do not know about how to add or edit data in OSM properly. Secondly, they make another OSM account from specific project in Jakarta / Indonesia.

see an example: warnings

I hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible. If any of you that read this diary know about one of the OSM account that I have mentioned above please let them know. Even better if you know about why they did this and what project that their involved in please let me know.

PS: at least, if you want to make some changes in OSM Data especially in another country, please leave some specific comment about your changes and project that you working on so other users can see and know about your work. This is really important for OSM user to be more responsible for public data especially on OSM Data.

Thank You so much

Best Regards,

Harry Mahardhika M


Comment from Akrimullah on 10 April 2018 at 08:10

Hi there,

My name is Anjar, one of Jakarta Mapping project in 2017. Regarding with this topic, I want to give some example of ruined data in Jakarta. 1. Ruined data 1 ![click here](1) 2. Force connection from survey data * 1 ![click here](11 * 2 [click here](12) * 3 [click here](13) * 4 [click here] (14)

Comment from woodpeck on 10 April 2018 at 08:45


  1. Have you or one of your team members tried commenting on a changeset by any of these accounts? What was the response, if any?
  2. You said you used imagery from “Geo Center USA”, but that is not the image that comes up by default when you edit OSM in Jakarta with the ID editor, nor is it even available as a selectable background layer. How should contributors participate in mapping Jakarta?
  3. OSM has a working group dedicated to helping with issues like this - the Data Working Group. I am a member of that working group and will open a ticket for your case, but the next time you have an issue like this, it is safer to write to instead of making a diary post and hoping that someone reads it!

Best Frederik

Comment from Akrimullah on 10 April 2018 at 08:50

Hi there,

My name is Anjar, one of Jakarta Mapping project in 2017. Regarding with this topic, I want to give some example of ruined data in Jakarta.

  • Example 1Alt text
  • Force connection from survey data Alt text Alt text Alt text
    Alt text

Comment from Marych_ on 10 April 2018 at 10:43

Hi Harry,

How your decide that imagery from “Geo Center USA” have better alignment that other?

Comment from Zverik on 10 April 2018 at 10:49

All imagery is offset. Including DigitalGlobe imagery and GeoCenter’s. To use it properly, you must first download GPS traces and offset the imagery, so they align with roads. After that you should save the offset into the imagery offset database, so you have something to point new mappers to.

Then, if somebody breaks your data, that does not mean they are paid by some evil company specifically to disrupt your business. Chill. This is OSM, it is always broken. If you wanted to make a perfect geodata, you’d use qgis and shapefiles. Mappers here are volunteers who map for fun and dislike a corporate attitude like yours.

Finally, if JOSM shows a warning, that does not mean data is broken. JOSM validator is very opinionated.

Comment from Warin61 on 10 April 2018 at 22:25

Hi, Looking at Anjar Example 1 … There is now a road going through 2 buildings .. these buildings were added by the HOT team as Way: 505450991 and Way: 505451322 with source tms[22]:{z}/{y}/{x}

That source looks to be as fuzzy as Digiatal Globe premium/ERSI world image clarity .. and all with the same or at lest a very similar offset!

And those buildings … well I cannot see them. So I don’t think they exist … a HOT error. The road going thorough the buildings looks to be real, and probably by one of the mappers that this posting is complaining about.

If you want me to examine any other specific examples .. please specify the way numbers .. pr a changeset number … rather than a screen shot of an area.

Comment from Dewi Sulistioningrum on 11 April 2018 at 03:32


I’m working with Harry in PDC InAWARE DKI Jakarta project. We’re used the Imagery from Mapbox Satellite and GeoCenter USAID to digitize infrastructures from field survey. We also digitize buildings and roads with Tasking Manager.

Yes, I agree with Zverik “All Imagery is offset. For resolve the problem, we have collected GPS Trace using GPS and OSMTracker in whole DKI Jakarta area. We also upload the GPS Trace to OSM. Before editing the data, we’re download GPS traces and fix offset the imagery with GPS Traces and roads.

I guess, for the OSM users on the list. They are using the Overpass Turbo or Download data OSM with Overpass in JOSM to download highway=* and update the highway in OSM data. If you using the Overpass with a query, the result just highway=* without all data existing in OSM. So you can’t see the all data in OSM and move the geometry highway. The impact is crossing with buildings.

Comment from Warin61 on 11 April 2018 at 04:42

If your going to name those who have ‘ruined data in OSM Jakarta’ then Ficky has add buildings that are not there!

I do think that naming them is abusive, they should be contacted through OSM and asked about their edits. They may have made human errors, errors that they may fix themselves if informed and encouraged rather than held up in a public way as people who ‘ruin’ things.

How someone else uses JOSM is pure speculation … you need to ASK them!

In JOSM you can select, using the Imagery menu, the background imagery of ‘OpenStreetMap Carto (Standard)’ and that will display all the roads and buildings as well as most other things. You can have more than one imagery in JOSM and select from one to the other, even arrange for one to be transparent so you can see your data, one image with another image visible through all that.

Comment from harrymahar on 11 April 2018 at 04:47

@woodpeck :

  1. I reached out to some of the accounts and haven’t heard back after sometime. That’s why I made this diary, with an intention that it might get across to the right recipient. I had attempted personal communications prior to this.

  2. To also clarify where this comes from, I am an OSM user who live in Jakarta, I feel it is my personal responsibility to help maintain the quality of OSM data as much as I could. If there were only one or two accounts that made these edits, I could realign them myself. But this was done by 29 accounts who made edits almost everyday and I felt somewhat overwhelmed. To address your question, we also used Mapbox satellite imagery for editing. My hopes is that when a user map with OSM and see a lot of data on it and has minimum error/warnings especially visual warning such as crossing objects, users need to be mindful about the changes made because it may impact others’ data.

  3. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I will approach the data working group should cases like this arises in the future.

@everyone in this comment section

Ps: I have been informed about the person in charge working in this mapping and have made direct contact with the person. We had agreed to resolve the case among the two of us.

Thank you for everyone who made responses. I’ll take this as a lesson’s learned as part of global OSM community. I believe that all of us have this common goal as a community to make OSM data useful and responsible for everyone.

Comment from woodpeck on 11 April 2018 at 05:46

Harry, please would you let the Data Working Group know who the person and business in charge is (it seems unlikely that a private individual would hire that many contractors to work on OSM), since they are yet to contact DWG. Unless you haven’t already done so, it would also be good to convey to them the community expectation that in a concerted mapping effort like this, the individual accounts be recognizable (by e.g. a statement in their user profile) as being part of the team.

Comment from mataharimhairi on 13 April 2018 at 21:56

Hello Fedrerik,

Thank you for working with the team in Indonesia through the OSMF Data Working Group, to address the editing issues that came up in Jakarta:

As with most cases, generally when edits are made in OSM that ‘lessen’ the quality of the data, these are done unintentionally and just need to be worked on together. So thank you to everyone that is helping to guide these efforts according to the community expectation.

Let me know how I can assist with anything or if anyone else would like to get in touch with me, please contact me at, as one of the managers of the HOT InAWARE project in Indonesia.

Kind regards,


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