about 11 years ago
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Ended about 11 years ago.
Reason for block:


I noticed you were conducting an import or mechanical edit with this changeset. The OSM Sysadmins have requested that all imports, automated edits, bulk edits and bots be stopped until the redaction process has ended.

More information can be found on the mailing lists.

This block will last until you log on to to ensure you read it.

I’ve checked with the sysadmins about the server load from fixing broken imports and please go ahead and revert this one if it is in anyway incomplete. If help is needed, contact the imports@ mailing list and/or talk@, but the import guidelines say that if you do not know how to fix an import you do not import, so please keep that in mind for future imports.

As a general reminder, the other import guidelines can be found on the wiki. These include

  • appropriate documentation
  • consultation with the local community and the imports@ mailing list
  • imports being from a dedicated account
  • other technical requirements

Additionally best practice is to indicate a source tag on any import changesets

Paul Norman

for the Data Working Group