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2 days
Ended .
Reason for block:

Following on from , and numerous other messages via DWG tickets, the forum, etc.:

Hello again Anthony / slice0,

What you wrote on and in was not OK.

OpenStreetMap is a community. If you think that the way that we do something is wrong or needs to be changed in some way you need to be able to discuss it in an adult way and persuade people to your point of view. You haven’t been successful with either of those - instead, you’ve been behaving like a spoilt toddler denied an extra chocolate biscuit.

In order to move forward from here, first of all you need to apologise - primarily to other OSM contributors in Australia, but to the the rest of the community as well. When you’re ready to do that please email with a subject line of “[Ticket#2024033110000141] slice0” to let us know that you are willing to apologise. If you do that, we’ll revoke this block and let you apologise on the forum.

After that, we’ll expect you do behaving in a respectful way towards the rest of the community, engage in adult discussion over the points where you may disagree and accept the consensus that results.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a “ban”, but a “Blocks until a particular action has been taken” as described in the policy. If you have any other questions and can frame them in a reasonable and respectful way please email them to with a subject line of “[Ticket#2024033110000141] slice0”. Any further rants in a similar vein to previous ones sent to that address will be read but likely won’t receive a reply unless as requested above you say that you are willing to apologise first.

Best Regards,

Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM’s Data Working Group.

Edit 3/4/2024: Anthony / slice0 have emailed the DWG saying that they are willing to apologise, so I’m revoking this block to allow them to do that on the forum.

Anthony / slice0: Please do not start changing road classes again, unless there is a clear consensus among other mappers that a particular road class is wrong. You may believe that some edits made by other mappers while this block was in place were “wrong” - you must not change these. If you do, another block will be imposed. In addition, if we see more behaviour such as the text of your diary entry currently at we will impose another block.