Created: about 2 years ago

Status: Ended about 2 years ago.

Reason for block:

Hello Bürste,

I am contacting you about a message the Data Working Group has received about your recent edits adding the place:importance tag. It is a major, undiscussed change, and it is important to get consensus in the community before making thanges like this. Many people have tried to get in touch with you about them, but you haven’t responded yet.

OpenStreetMap is a collaborative community, and we have to work together to create the best map. Therefore, it’s only polite to reply when other mappers ask questions. It’s possible that you haven’t seen these if your email is not set up properly, in which case you can go toürste/history and see where people have asked questions about changesets. Please do reply to them, and also (if you are not receiving email notifications of changeset discussions) try and sort out your email too.

There is also a forum discussion about your edits at in which I encourage you to participate.

On that tag itself, the importance of a place is usually subjective. Is Zurich or Bern more important? Monte Carlo or Nice? Mainz or Wiesbaden? What has usually been done, in my experience, is to add objective information (population, capital=*, etc.) and let the renderers decide what is important or not. The French style is a great example of that.

I’m sending this as a message that has to be read before you continue editing, but once you’ve read it you’ll be able to edit OpenStreetMap immediately.

Happy mapping,