List of blocks by Stereo

Blocked User Reason for block Status Revoked by
rayan belkhir Bonjour Rayan, Je t'avai... Ended 1 day ago. (not revoked) Show
rayan belkhir Bonjour Rayan et bienvenue ... Ended 9 days ago. (not revoked) Show
Elvis Mehic Hello Elvis and welcome to ... Active until the user logs in. (not revoked) Show
dominique hoavonon Bonjour Dominique, Toby ... Ended about 2 months ago. (not revoked) Show
shahriar Hello shahriar, It looks... Ended 3 months ago. (not revoked) Show
coventry332 Hello and welcome to OpenSt... Ended 3 months ago. (not revoked) Show
RubenKelevra Hello Bürste, I am conta... Ended about 1 year ago. (not revoked) Show
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