This diary entry is a bit delayed, but this will contain my progress for the gsoc period so far and what I have been upto during the last 5-6 weeks A detailed description of my work can also be found at Github Wiki

My task was to create an Element History Comparison dialog for Vespucci, which can be provided as a separate library so that it can be useful for other open source projects if they need the same functionality.

What the Element History Comparison Dialog does is what the name suggests, i.e it compares what changes the have been made to a particular OSM element on the map and details them, like providing tag changes and which user has made those changes. It works as something similar to the built in history feature of JOSM.

Right now, I have completed the dialog itself and am currently testing different possible user interfaces for the application, in order to better suit a mobile screen, which has been the most challenging part so far as due to the lack of width on the mobile device certain compromises needed to be made

My Weekly progress has been the following:


  • Created all the required base OSM elements and storage structures
  • Created a custom implementation of the OSM parser to parse the XML response
  • Added unit tests for the base OSM classes and the parser
  • Created the initial library interface
  • Setup for the HTTP requests


  • Created the version selection screen UI
  • Impl. the version selection logic with radioButtons and groups


  • Created tests for the version selection screen
  • Improved UI for the history screen
  • Current UI for the selection screen


  • Created the base UI for the comparison screen
  • Created the logic for the comparison screen
  • Implemented changeset fetching


  • Created logic for the comparison screen
  • Added changeSet Details
  • Add basic UI for comparison
  • Fix test cases


  • Ui testing and improvements

I am hopeful that my project would be concluded in the coming weeks, and it can be included in Vespucci


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