GeoRSS support added on uMap

Posted by ybon on 21 April 2014 in English.

I’m adding support for importing GeoRSS in uMap. This has been requested by some uMap users. One of the use cases is to be able to easily display on a map a feed from Flickr. I’ve made a demo with the last public geotaged photo added to Flickr.

georss on uMap

You should now be able to do the same with your own feeds. Here how to reproduce, once created a map:

  1. get your geo feed from Flickr (in my example it’s, remember to use the format rss_200_enc) or any other provider of RSS 2.0 with GeoRSS
  2. on your map, edit the layer, and add the URL as remote data url
  3. choose georss as format
  4. Click on Proxy Request, as Flickr doesn’t allow CORS on its feeds
  5. on advanced properties, choose GeoRSS (title + picture) as popup template

And you’re done!

This is work in progress, please test and give feedback :)


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