A new OSMCha version is live

Posted by wille on 25 October 2018 in English (English).

After some months of intense work, we released a new version of OSMCha this week! This release includes two big changes: now OSMCha is compliant with the GDPR and we have a new way of receive and store the features.

We simplified a lot the way we store information about the flagged features. It will allow us to store more features on our database and it will be easier to the communities to add features to OSMCha. The documentation of this new resource is available on our wiki. If you need to monitor some kind of changes on OpenStreetMap and would like to use OSMCha for it, please contact us on our mailing list or opening an issue on our GitHub repository.

The GDPR is an European Union law that has the aim to protect the data and privacy of the individuals. To attend the requirements of the GDPR, now the users need to login on OSMCha to see any information about the changesets. However, after you sign in, you won’t notice any change and it will continue working exactly in the same way.

If you notice some error or have some new ideas for OSMCha, please don’t hesitate in contact us. We hope it will open much new possibilities to improve data validation on OSM.

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