Rio Olympics Mapathon

Posted by wille on 20 June 2016 in English (English)

Rio 2016 logo

The 2016 Olympic Games are going to start in August 5th in the city of Rio de Janeiro, so it’s time to improve the map!

Rio is one of the best mapped cities in Brazil, but we need a lot more detail in some areas. There are a lot of Mapillary photos we can use to gather details, OSM Inspector alerts to fix and some suburbs that needs a better map.

So we scheduled a weekend to improve the map of Rio and everyone can help! We’ve set up a project in Tasking Manager to avoid editing conflicts. Mapbox will publish fresh imagery and Nighto is going to take some pictures of the Olympic venues with Mapillary. We will be online at the IRC #osm-br channel to chat and coordinate the actions.

See all the details in the wiki page and collaborate with us!

Location: Barra da Tijuca, Zona Oeste do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Região Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Southeast Region, Brazil

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