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Posted by wille on 16 June 2019 in English (English).

Many companies and organizations have a group of mappers editing on OpenStreetMap. We have created a feature on OSMCha to publish team lists of users, and then filter or hide changesets created by one or more mapping teams.

This week we pushed some adjustments to make it more useful for the OpenStreetMap community. So let’s see how it works.

In the OSMCha user menu, there is an option “My teams”.

That opens the “My mapping teams page”, listing the teams your user has already created on OSMCha. Clicking on the “Add +” button, you will be able to add the details of a new team.

The required minimum structure of the users JSON format is:

[{"username": "user_1"}, {"username": "user_2"}]

However you can add other fields if you want.

If the team you created is part of an organized editing initiative, please open an issue on our GitHub repository requesting your team to be considered a “Verified team”. That way, an OSMCha admin can validate your team and it will appear on the filter page with an indication that the team was created and maintained by your company/organization.

Finally, on the Filters page, we have three team fields: “Mapping teams”, “Hide mapping teams”, and “Hide verified mapping teams”. They allow for filtering or exclusion of changesets from one or more teams, and to hide changesets created by all the verified mapping teams.

The mapping team management can also be used through the API. Check out the API Docs for instructions about the endpoints.

We expect this new feature helps the OSM community to be even more effective on changeset validation. If you have some question or new ideas, please open an issue on our GitHub.

Comment from OuterPace on 22 November 2019 at 18:14

This is an awesome feature! We love it, when we try to add a team it currently doesn’t allow us to select the text box to enter in the Users. A fix coming out soon?

Comment from pudov_maxim on 19 September 2021 at 11:46

In current version of UI, adds teammates by one. Sometimes it is useful to add many users at once. You can use API for these purposes.

Go to profile at OSMCha Profile Copy API key (3)

Then go to OSMCha API Docs
and authorize with key:

OSMCha API Docs Auth window

And now you can call any methods to API from this page.

For creating team with many users find and select method with name “mapping-team_create”. Click “Try it out” Try it out

Add request body in field Request

  "name": "YOUR TEAM NAME",
  "users": [
    {"username":"OSM_USERNAME","uid":"OSM_USER_ID","joined":"2001-01-    01","left":"2021-09-19"},

Fields “uid”, “joined”, “left” not required

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