The “Argentina en Python” project started with the aim of spread the knowledge about the Python programming language in Argentina. Its creators, Manuel Kaufmann (aka Humitos) and Johanna Sanchez, planned to travel all around Argentina to organize events about Python. However the initial objective was to talk about Python, Manuel and Johanna got passionate about OpenStreetMap and started to promote OSM as well.

In the last months, the project went beyond the Argentina frontiers and reached Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru. You can see the places visited by Manuel and Johanna:

Cities visited

Furthermore talking about OSM, they have mapped a lot of roads and points of interest and produced more than 1 GB of GPX files, photos and audio notes. Humitos also developed upoi, a web application that queries the Overpass API and show points of interest on a map.

It’s a such important project in a region where OSM needs more contributors. To continue this project they need our help with donations. Visit to donate!

Comment from Humitos on 3 November 2015 at 14:56

Thank a lot Wille for publishing about this.

A friend of mine living in France told me about this post. Internet, OpenStreetMap and its community is amazing! I’m impressed!

We have a lot of work to keep doing. We also started a new project to promote OSM and help people to become a mapper. How do we do this? We got o different Hotels, Restaurants and some other establishment, we offer them to appear in the map with a lot of information and we show OSM,, OsmAnd and iD editor to them for ~ USD 10. We also talk about our projects and courses in the city. Everybody wins!

This money help us a lot to keep on the roads! ;D

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