Salvador Mapping Party Report - January 2014

Posted by wille on 20 January 2014 in English (English)

The first Mapping Party of Salvador (Bahia, Brazil) happened on the last Saturday. We walked for more than two hours on the city centre and after we went to a room where we spent all the afternoon editing the data on OpenStreetMap.

On the walk there was only four people. On the afternoon, more people came along. We took pictures and marked some POIs with OSMTracker app during the walk, but our main mapping tool was FieldPapers.

Starting OSMTracker app

Data editing

The mapping party was realized together with the Wikiday, a Wikipedia event. So we published a lot of photos on Wikimedia Commons, added coordinates to Wikipedia pages and wikipedia tags to OSM POIs.

Check this cool video recorded at the Mapping Party:

Positive points:

  • New contributors to OpenStreetMap and many answered questions of beginners;
  • Although we haven’t mapped many POI’s, we fixed a lot of errors on names, directions, tracing and classification of streets.

What we can do better next time

  • It’s not a good idea to map a crowded area on business hours, because it’s difficult to walk and take good pictures.
  • The weather was very hot! Next time we should schedule the meeting to the evening;
  • We should take more pictures and try to capture more information like traffic signals, house numbers, accessibility and surface of streets and sidewalks.

Thanks to Colivre, a Free (as in Freedom) Technologies Cooperative, for welcome us in its headquarters.

Before and after the Mapping Party:

Centro de Salvador antes da Mapping Party Centro de Salvador depois da Mapping Party

Location: Lapa, Centro, Salvador, Microrregião de Salvador, Região Metropolitana de Salvador, Mesorregião do Recôncavo baiano, Bahia, Northeast Region, 40070010, Brazil

Comment from escada on 21 January 2014 at 06:51

Thanks for sharing. It’s always interesting to learn about OSM contributors at the other end of the world

Comment from eimer42 on 24 January 2014 at 19:33

I have mapped some POIs in Salvador myself when I visited as a tourist. It’s great to see some progess there. Thanks a lot to all of you!

Comment from leodobrasil on 24 January 2014 at 22:21

Great job wille and comappers. Maybe this was even the first mapping party of this kind in Bahia? I still not managed to join a crowd this way in Itapetinga.

Legal wille e co-mapeadores. Pode ser que era mesmo o primeiro mutirão de mapeamento daquele jeito na Bahia? Ainda não consegui juntar uma galera desta forma em Itapetinga.

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