Collaboration with OSM Communities and Mapbox Data RAVE.

Posted by vladaboitik on 23 March 2021 in English (English).

Collaboration with OSM Communities and Mapbox Data RAVE.


In the middle of March the RAVE Team from Mapbox added and fixed 650 railway crossings with the support of the French OSM Community. This case shows the importance and value of the OSM Organized Editing Activities guideline.


Before starting the project of adding railway crossing highways RAVE team created all needed documentation to announce the French community. They met us with some questions about the recency of the data (which we were already concerned about). The greatest thing is that French community was trying to help us to get the newest government data, and with this information we can plan out next step when data will be ready.


These numbers are great, but even more important is that we established good communication with the French community and in future will continue our cooperation. It’s great when the community is ready to help us with more actual data and we are able to create edits with higher accuracy.

We were able to improve data about level crossing by adding 519 missing items, fixing 133 outdated or incorrectly tagged level crossings. We identified that in 433 cases data were outdated and in 56 cases level crossing were already tagged as disused or coordinates of them were displaced. Fix-ratio has comprised 57.12%.

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