I hiked Ptarmigan Lake and pushed on to the nearby peak. The last part is cross country, but the since I did it by the road, I did almost all the trail. Since the road crosses the trail, I decided it would be good if it was mapped properly. The trail was marked T4. There is absolutely no point at which you need to get your hands out of your pockets for this trail. T3 is really pushing it. Everyone travels the trail next to the lake, which has huge steps and leaves the lake on a very steep slope. I noticed the higher trail (which one person was taking, so not quite everyone) that turns out to be very smooth and obviously the built one. I marked it, but only as old trail. Correctly, it should be marked as the actual trail.

There’s rumors there’s work happening on Lost Lake, so I didn’t touch that.

The picnic area over Cottonwood Pass has a well used trail to the edge of the wilderness. The old picnic area had a much larger trail that I found as I hiked about. There was a break and then obvious trail again as I hiked out to a big shoulder. I decided against adding this. My track is public for folks to see, though.

This hike up Turner Peak started along an informal trail that someone put up roughly. Might as well get it better. I didn’t bother with the rest of the track, but some of that on to the peak was very trail-like. Not so much my travel over to South Texas where the CDT travels now. I left it alone.

Location: Chaffee County, Colorado, United States

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