How can I add tags to traces that I have already uploaded?

Posted by vVvA on 12 February 2013 in English (English)

I am struggling with the fact that I cannot find a way to add tags to traces that I have already uploaded to OSM. I have realized many of my traces lack that information and would like to fix that adding metadata about place and transportation medium. How can I add new tags to my traces?

Comment from Chaos99 on 12 February 2013 at 16:16

Hi vVvA,

you might want to take another look at the beginners guides in our wiki:

If you have really just uploaded traces (= gpx-tracks direktly from your GPS unit), you are missing a key step before you can enter more data to it. Those traces need to be, well, traced over before the can become ways in our database.

Contributing your traces is already a first and valuable step, but those are not suited to be directly displayed on a map as streets or ways. We tend to only use them as guidelines where the streets may be and then draw in the real ways by hand. You will need to use an editor like Potlatch2 (the one in the "edit" above the map on or JOSM to do that. To these hand-drawn ways you then can add more data like type of way, name, speed limits etc.

Please take the time to read through the beginners guide before you start editing ways. That's already step two on the complexity ladder. You might want to start with simple point-features like a post box or a park bench.

Feel free to ask again if you need more help.

Regards, Chaos

Comment from ToeBee on 12 February 2013 at 16:32

You can add tags to your uploaded traces. Just click on the trace details then look for the "Edit this trace" button at the bottom left. From there you can modify the description, tags and visibility of the trace.

Comment from Tordanik on 12 February 2013 at 16:40

Go to which is a list of traces you have uploaded. Click at the file name of a trace. At the bottom of the overview page for that trace, there is an edit button. Click it. You will now be able to edit the description, visibility and tags of the trace. Do so, then click the save button below the text fields.

@Chaos99: vVvA has already contributed and tagged several nodes and ways, so I'm going to assume that this question is indeed about adding tags to traces, not about adding tags to map elements.

Comment from Chaos99 on 12 February 2013 at 17:10

I'm really sorry that I mis-interpreted your question. I should devote more time into research before I fire up those newbie-answers. My dearest apologies.

Comment from vVvA on 13 February 2013 at 00:36

  • @ToeBee @Tordanik thanks for the information on how to add the tags. I am glad the interface makes this process easier. I have started to add more tags to my traces so they are easier to find and filter.
  • @Chaos99 no worries. I imagined you misunderstood my question. thanks anyways for responding.

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