Collaborative Mapping Workshop for Beginners promoted by Umbraosm, UFV and Brazilian Youtmappers

On April 1st we held a mapping workshop for beginners on OpenStreetMap as part of the Mapeia Belém Project initiative, which aims to update data on the limit of the Legal Amazon but also train new mappers to join collaborative mapping!

The federal university of Uberlandia UFU, mappers from the Brazilian Openstreetmap community and members of Youthmappers Brasil took part in this initiative. The workshop link can be seen on our YouTube channel.

From now on I want to thank everyone who participated in our workshop on behalf of UMBRAOSM - the union of openstreetmap mappers

Location: Boa Vista, Recife, Região Geográfica Imediata do Recife, Região Metropolitana do Recife, Pernambuco, Northeast Region, Brazil


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