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Me and my friends founded a help organization in Banfora (Burkina Faso) called FANGA e.V. in 2010.

We help children and young people of the poorest families in Banfora with school and job education and medical support.

One problem for us is that these families are scattered all over the town of Banfora (about 80’000 people) and our staff struggles to find the homes because there are almost no street names and house numbers.

That’s why we startet GPS tracking and OSM mapping a couple of years ago. We mapped now almost all streets in Banfora, but it is still quite difficult on the ground with a printed map or on a phone to find the right buildings in the chaotic slums with no roads between the buildings.

So we contacted the HOT Team and together we are mapping now all buildings in Banfora. Take a look:

Location: Banfora, Comoé, Waterfalls, Burkina Faso


Posted by spongezob on 12 May 2015 in German (Deutsch).

Nach acht Monaten harter Arbeit ist mein Online-Shop endlich fertig!

Location: Laufenthal, Haag, Laufenthal, Hemau, Landkreis Regensburg, Bayern, 93155, Deutschland