Car mapping

Posted by slashme on 4 November 2009 in English (English)

I had such fun doing bike mapping over the weekend, that I figured I'd go a bit further out this afternoon in the car. Eish.

1) Mapping alone in a car is silly. Dangerous and inefficient.
2) Mapping by bike is more fun. Easy to stop and take photos
3) Geotagged photos absolutely rock for remembering what goes where on the map. Faster than voice or typing, and easy to interpret afterwards.

I'm quite happy with TrekBuddy as a track and waypoint recorder for my phone. It seems to be relatively stable and it has the features I need. I especially like the snapshot waypoint feature. The brilliant part is that it's written in proper gpx which is understandable to JOSM: if I just dump the waypoints directory onto my computer, and then import the waypoints file into JOSM, it puts clickable photo icons on the right places on the map.

Location: Johannesburg Ward 106, Sandton, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, RSA

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