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Cemeteries in Texas MapRoulette Challenge now powered by Texas Imagery Service over 1 year ago


The imagery seems to be Public Domain -

Thanks for coordinating this M, this imagery is sharp!

Weird things seen from above Los Angeles over 1 year ago

Nice catches, thanks for sharing - also enjoyed the talk in Seattle.

The green cars could be taxis or a fleet of government or business vehicles?

AFK almost 2 years ago

I recognized your name from IRC way several years and giving tons of advice and bouncing off ideas of how to tag things, etc. Thanks for all of your contributions.

Have fun, and good luck!

TIL about OSRM debug map almost 2 years ago

thanks for posting the debug page for OSRM, I never knew about it :)

Missing Maps - Sierra Leone almost 2 years ago

Great job Nick and thanks for sharing and helping build the OSM community there.

From experience, working in the field with HOT can be draining and have many obstacles that most people are unaccustomed to (limited cell phone signal, intermittent electricity, poor roads) that can make tasks much more time-consuming and difficult than you originally anticipated. Kudos to you and the team for persevering!

Adding sport= tags to leisure=pitch. about 2 years ago

Nice write-up.

What do you mean by touch football? American football? I'm not sure how you could distinguish a pitch to be American football instead of touch football. In the USA, it's still somewhat common to have American football pitches near elementary and high schools.

There's also many pitches that are used for multiple purposes (in some cases you can see the overlap of the field markers); where I tag it as leisure=pitch and sport=multi

How do you map while on the go? almost 3 years ago

Also, thanks for the suggestion on opencamera; I hadn't heard of it until now!

How do you map while on the go? almost 3 years ago

Depends on: my mode of transportation [walking? biking? a passenger in a car? having a friend or one of my volunteers with me in my car as drive?], what I'm trying to map, where I'm going, and if I'll be there again.

Usually, it's osmtracker + the voice recording feature; I practically never use the poi icons on osmtracker. before mapillary, i'd use its photo feature as well if I was doing photo.

mapillary: use it some sometimes while walking or bicycling and want to capture a lot of details, like in a dense urban environment; I also occasionally drive for my job and have a co-worker/volunteer hold the phone for me; I haven't found an useful phone mount yet for my s5.

I very rarely edit OSM directly while surveying, with a mobile phone because: it's too time consuming; I'd rather edit when I go home, my phone [s5, droid] is too small [can't see the screen well], sucks up a bit of data [I can just capture the info and then edit at home]; As crazy as it may sound to an outsider, I like the interface for JOSM more than vespucci.

I never used any apple apps, so can't comment on that.

Addresses in Oklahoma about 3 years ago

That's a bummer.

ODI (Open Data Institute) and Open Addresses would be really interested to learn more about the situation including the specific legalese, etc.

Have you contacted them?

Hamlets in US cities about 3 years ago

sk53, I don't know the answer to that. I haven't found any established, consistent practice for trailer/mobile home parks, apartment building complexes, public housing projects, or named communities (usually in wealthy American suburbs outside the city) or any use of it for me yet, so I haven't mapped them yet.

I think neighborhood and suburb wouldn't be appropriate for them because these housing types mentioned above usually very defined boundaries unlike neighborhoods and suburbs.

Alex, I've found that hamlets imported in urban areas to be the first 4 types that you've described as well as another type for me, a historical name that represented an old neighborhood or city name that's no longer used in any context, so I've deleted the node.

HOT 2014 Contribution Review: What's Been Done and What's Next over 3 years ago

Congratulations on your scholarship!

HOT 2014 Review over 3 years ago

Nice recap Russell; it was great to meet you at SOTM-US in April!

Also, thanks for following through with the quorum - 3rd time ended up being the charm :)

Looking forward to another HOT year in 2015.

Visualizing improvement in improving Carroll County in OpenStreetMap over 3 years ago

Jedrezj Pelka,

The link has been corrected.

Visualizing improvement in improving Carroll County in OpenStreetMap over 3 years ago


thanks. I have been devoting most of my mapping time lately with this and I look forward to getting back with HOT. :)

New MapRoulette challenge: TIGER Mismatched Ways over 3 years ago

wow, that was completed quickly! Looking forward to seeing the next batch!

State Parks and National Parks over 3 years ago

The Cleveland OSM community has thought a bit about this because there's an Cleveland and the region has a large parks system, The Cleveland Metroparks. In addition to operating the zoo, they maintain 'reservations' that are used for an extremely wide variety of activities: some are areas that are mostly forest, have a few nature trails which are unpaved and activities besides walking through them are prohibited. Others allow people to have picnics with charcoal BBQs next to several baseball diamonds; others have golf courses; Some of these have all of these features in the same 'reservation'!

We tentatively agreed to use leisure=nature_reserve although I am not sure if it's the most appropriate tag to use.

Importing 1 million New York City buildings and addresses almost 4 years ago

Thanks for the great recap alex: it's informative but also well presented :)

10th Anniversary Name Fix Challenge almost 4 years ago

There's a few questions that we have in cleveland for this challenge: a several of the ways we've seen are "Highway 17 (Trans-Canada)'," for example. fo's the tagging for this? is there a relation for the trans-canada?

  • should county route 44 be tagged as ref=CR 44 ?
Visualizing Notes added to OpenStreetMap through Craigslist almost 4 years ago

Nice work. Is there a way to display only notes that are still open? Have you thought about implementing this?

Project: Puerto Rico TIGER Fixup about 4 years ago

Good work. A while back, I noticed that PR's roads were really bad (not aligned with imagery) from the TIGER import but was occupied with other tasks.

I look forward to see how it looks in the future!