I am presently targeting Australian ‘leisure=pitch’ that don’t have a ‘sport=’ tag and trying to identify the sport and add the tag. Why? Well I added the osmwiki page for ‘sport=netball’ having found these to be missing or incorrectly tagged while some 1,300 were in the data base. I then went around adding them, or correcting incorrect entries where found. In doing this I noticed that in these areas sports grounds were poorly represented or tagged. Using the web to look for netball courts resulted in a doubling of the number of netball courts in the OSM data base! So how to find these areas where sport is not represented as good as it could be? I chose to use taginfo and search for leisure=pitch and sport!= (tags with leisure-pitch and no sport) while this works .. there are a lot of them … meaning the work spreads over several days and I was repeatably looking at the same things! So i chose to add the tag ‘fixme=sport=?’ to the places where I could not identify what sport was played there. The search can now be ‘leisure=pitch and sport!=* and fixme!=*’ and that removes the places I have looked at.

I have now done NSW! I am targeting Melbourne, then country Vic. Then … S.A./Qld.

This has increase the quantity of sports … netball is now around 3,800! Increases for AFL, touch_football (I have yet to add a osmwiki page for this), cricket, basketball, softball (yep .. needs a osmwiki page too) and discus, hammer throws and long and triple jumps (again .. needs a osmwiki pages! ).

Comment from CloCkWeRX on 2 May 2016 at 12:16

Did a bit of work in SA some time ago; but it can get really messy with dual sport areas (ie: schools that have tenis courts that double as netball or basketball courts). Are you finding many of those?

Comment from Warin61 on 2 May 2016 at 22:16

Some. It does make sense to have these for cash strapped schools!

*If there is good imagery;

I mark each pitch area and tag each separately. Netball courts are longer than basketball courts, while tennis courts reside inside both - I only mark the ‘pitch’ area .. not the bigger ‘play’; area. For tennis + netball Cannot find the basketball, netball, tennis ones at the moment.

*If the imagery is not great; I mark the larger pitch area and tag sport=netball;basketball;tennis …. For some I can separate out the tennis court.

Unfortunately I am missing out on what I think are ‘hand ball’ courts - marked as 4 rectangles on a paved area. I should just tag them “leisure=pitch, fixme=sport=handball?” but I have been ignoring them!

Comment from skorasaurus on 4 May 2016 at 16:03

Nice write-up.

What do you mean by touch football? American football? I’m not sure how you could distinguish a pitch to be American football instead of touch football. In the USA, it’s still somewhat common to have American football pitches near elementary and high schools.

There’s also many pitches that are used for multiple purposes (in some cases you can see the overlap of the field markers); where I tag it as leisure=pitch and sport=multi

Comment from Warin61 on 4 May 2016 at 22:33

Touch football … popular in Australia, similar to rugby without the tracking/scrums, no goal posts and half the size of a regular rugby pitch. Humm - so varies by nationality! Demonstrates why it is important to do a osmwiki page write up. May have to do an extension touch_football_aus touch_football_rugby touch_football_usa Humm … may be better to tag sport=rugby rugby=touch, sport=american_football american_football=touch ?

The tag ‘sport=multi’ does not tell what sports are played there … better to use ‘sport=american_football;baseball’ (as an example) as that tells what actual sports are played there…. better again to have those separated up into overlapping pitches - each pitch with its individual sport tag as that tell how many pitches are for what sports and how they are orientated. shows overlapping pitches of two different sports.

Comment from eneerhut on 2 June 2016 at 13:00

Impressive work and much needed! Thanks for writing up.

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