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closed 4087958 a_bakr24

Sherwin-Williams Tower height tag is incorrectly labeled in feet instead of meters

closed 3421156 Ne Mia

Unable to answer "What’s the name of this street?" for via StreetComplete 48.0:

Pedestrian area

closed 4151993 Willem1

I'm not sure of the situation on the ground, but it looks like the busways here seem to have their oneway pointing in the wrong direction.

closed 3940533 salemCE

"Full address is "3600 Biddulph Avenue, Suite A, Cleveland, Ohio 44109.""
OSM snapshot date: 2023-09-20T00:34:57Z
POI name: The Singing Angels
POI types: amenity-music_school
#organicmaps android

closed 3243865 Aleg Surta

Could anyone from locals please confirm this highway=service are connected here?


closed 3770251 submitted note from a business:
addr:street=1468 West 9th St.Suite 100
addr:city=Cleveland OH
Phone number: (216) 499-2115
Opening Hours: Monday through Friday 10AM to 5PM
Category: Adult Education
Accepted payment methods:

closed 2918178 cvieira

This specific portion of Lakeland Community College only has a second floor. There is an outdoor footpath underneath the suspended second floor. It's unclear how to indicate this in the OSM data, so I've added "indoor walls" at either side with appropriate level data.

closed 2195067

Add business:
Sportsplex Rentals
31520 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070

closed 3957478

There's more of a path now than what's listed on this website in the woods at Coe Lake

closed 2686151 skorasaurus

based on fall 2020 imagery from cuyahoga county; the glenview park has changed significantly; I made some edits; but there's more to be done; couldn't determine if the changes were permanent or if the ballfields west of e. 110th still exist.

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