Mapping an extension of C-5 Road

Posted by seav on 8 February 2010 in English (English)

C-5 Road is a major artery in Metro Manila and the project to extend it south is quite controversial since a senator, and presidential candidate in this coming May election, is accused of using his position to influence the project for the benefit of his real estate businesses. But here in OSM, we don't care about the ethics of the road construction but whether the road is accurately mapped.

A portion of the extension, from Quirino Avenue to Sucat Road, has already been opened more than a year ago and it is already mapped in OSM, but I didn't realize that the next phase, the one from Sucat Road to Multinational Avenue, was already passable until I saw this changeset by Al Silva. Since he was only able to map the northbound side, I really went out of my way last Saturday night to drive both sides and get a GPS trace. I then subsequently edited the road into OSM existence and also cleaned-up the C-5–Sucat interchange.

I wish I had a more accurate GPS device since the track my GPS phone got didn't quite match the track obtained by Al Silva and since I don't know his equipment, I'm not sure whose track is more precise. But at least the road is now in OSM and is routable. Somebody can refine it in the future.

Location: Multinational Village, Moonwalk, Parañaque, Metro Manila, 1700, Philippines

Comment from c2r on 8 February 2010 at 11:33

You could try sending Al Silva a message to ask him? (o;

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