A new phase of OCOSMD

Posted by seav on 1 May 2011 in English (English).

I wrote over 2 years ago that OSM is far too addicting. And while I still don't think that I'll score high in the OSM purity self-test, my OCOSMD (obsessive-compulsive OSM disorder) has reached a new level.

I've noticed that during the past few weeks, I've been paying extra attention to POIs during my daily commute to and from work and other trips outside the house. I either mentally note them or key them in my cellphone. Consequently, majority of my recent edits have been to "add/update POIs" (an example).

This practice has gotten so distracting that I have to actually force myself to ignore my surroundings so that my mental buffer would not overflow! Sometimes, I pass by POIs too fast for me to remember or note them. Other times, it gets dangerous because it's my turn driving and I have to concentrate on the road. So lately, I've been practicing the art of letting go—letting go of noting down a POIs, that is. :-)

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