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Don't name your "landuse="s …

Posted by scruss on 3 September 2023 in English.

… unless you want a greatbighuge label inexplicably hovering over the map at z=16.

Looking over this fine city of Toronto, I saw a couple of brown labels for places that are sort-of not real. Exporting and grepping local exports showed me they were landuse ways with a name value set.

I’m sure there are plenty of good examples where a landuse area would have a name. In these cases, though:

  • one was the name of a city/developer study from roughly five years ago that has disappeared from the record since then. Will it become a neighbourhood name? Who knows, but that’s for the future and not for us to force. (fun fact: it’s apparently the densest concentration of office workers in the city. Less fun but very Toronto fact: there is no dedicated transit there. I had a job there ~2006–2008 and new transit was planned, but then the trainwreck formerly known as Mayor Rob Ford happened so it didn’t.)

  • one was a drive-by tagging error by an out-of-band specialist. I really think they meant it for a bus stop.

Aligned with my personal policy of “Only kvetch after fixing”, they’re gone and our z=16 will be so much less jarring. Thank me later.


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