This week, I have been mostly mapping wind farms ...

Posted by scruss on 18 August 2012 in English (English)

I realised I had a tonne of wind farm survey data I'd amassed over the years, and little of it had been put into OSM. Most of it's in Ontario, but some is in the UK and elsewhere. Some was just rough locations I'd noted from air surveys and needed cleaning up. Where known, I've put in the manufacturer and power rating of each turbine.

I had to make my peace with JOSM, as Potlatch annoyingly tags wind turbines as 'power_source=wind', instead of the preferred 'generator:source=wind'. JOSM's a pain on the Mac, until you learn the trackpad gestures, and that Paste on Java is Ctrl+V and not Command+V (grr grr grr). Should really also fix the mapnik wind turbine symbol, as the green shaded tower is a registered trademark of ENERCON GmbH.

It was good to finally put projects I'd worked on (like Erie Shores Wind Farm) on the map — even if I had to resort to the dog-slow USGS WMS server and pointen-clicken to do so!

Location: Cliviger, Burnley, Lancashire, North West England, England, United Kingdom

Comment from robert on 19 August 2012 at 23:54


I trust you okayed the license situation before you uploaded the data?

Comment from scruss on 20 August 2012 at 02:14

Of course! Most of it was trued up against open orthophotos anyway.

Comment from Chaos99 on 20 August 2012 at 08:14

You should check out the mac .dmg package for JOSM. It at least fixes the keyboard shortcuts to the normal command+v.

Comment from Tom Chance on 20 August 2012 at 10:06

Nice! It's great that you're adding the manufacturer and power rating too.

Comment from scruss on 20 August 2012 at 13:04

Chaos99: really? I thought that Ctrl+V was a Java standard. Didn't know anything could change that. I started using the standard JNLP version because I was sick of having it complain about updates.

Tom Chance: it's not that hard to add machine type, especially when I've worked on or around the projects I've mapped. I can now recognize machine type from air photos, alas ;-) Failing that, there are public records or news releases from the manufacturers which can help.

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