Just a question, when searching for any substation. As an example, here is Pembroke Substation:

However searching using the words “Pembroke Substation” returns significantly wrong results ie: in Bristol, Dublin, and even Florida!

The Name field is spelled correctly as “Pembroke Substation”, copy/pasting these exact words from the Name field into the search bar still can’t find it.

I have only been researching substations in South Wales so far, and they all have had good accurate naming, and are wither a Way if a single entity, or a Relation if more than one Way is used.

Is there a setting somewhere to enable this search? Maybe someone could drop me a message.

Many thanks, Scott

Comment from spiregrain on 13 May 2022 at 07:31

Morning Scott - have you met ?

You can build and run very complex queries that should give you what you need. Here are some to get you started-

  1. - this one looks for any node, way or relation (nwr) with the word ‘substation’ in the name. I’ve set it for the Pembroke area, but you can scroll around the map and hit “run” (top left) to run it for other areas.

  2. - the one looks for any node, way or relation which has the tags power=substation, the usual way to tag a substation.

You can click the little circles to see the details. Or you can hit the ‘Data’ tab (top right) to see it all in a scrolling list.

Comment from SK53 on 13 May 2022 at 11:33

Also this info is shown on OpenInfraMap, and in your area the open data from Western Power Distribution is also available. Both courtesy of Russ Garrett.

Comment from scottbouch on 16 May 2022 at 12:22

Thank you both for the support with this, all solutions and explanations are excellent!!

Cheers, Scott.

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