Daily local extracts for Italy

Posted by sabas88 on 23 December 2015 in English (English)


This week we (me, simone and sbiribizio) launched the new version of the ‘Italian Local OpenStreetMap Extracts’: a website from which users can download slices of the italy-latest.pbf provided by GeoFabrik on a regional or municipal level, converted also in different formats.

The live version is kindly hosted on a virtual instance at and the code is on Github

The web interface is written in php (with the flightphp microframework), allows multiple languages (currently italian and english) and queries a postgresql database popupulated by the extraction scripts. The scripts are a mix of bash, perl and python and require some binaries commonly available in Ubuntu. As background layer in the maps we use Wikimedia Maps

Location: 40.747, 11.261

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