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Posted by roxystar on 29 June 2024 in English.

Munich Trudering shines – München Trudering leuchtet

Fascinated by the conceptual work and the impressive renderings of the “MASTERPLAN BELEUCHTUNGSKONZEPT FREIHAM NORD” <1> I was wondering if one would be able to “re-engineer” the existing reality of a city or a city district by means and capabilities of Open Street Map in order to finally achieve a rendering similar to <2>.

First steps

OK, I thought, let me try to find out. I started to walk through the streets of my neighbourhood identifying and positioning street lamps with the tool EVERY DOOR. As always the devil is hidden in the detail. How to determine height? Typically in the early evenings (I order to see the laser dot), I started to measure the distance from street level to lamp body with an of the shelf laser instrument (BOSCH Zamo 3). This worked quite well in not so busy streets however I did not had the guts so far to do a measurement in one of the main streets with constant traffic especially when the lamp poles are located at the center of a 4 lane street. I need to find an alternative solution for those cases. Height is one of the most important parameters for illumination.

I was made aware by a very helpful OSM member <3> that there is a moving map renderer <4> to display exactly the kind of rendering I was looking for. It turned out that this tool is becoming my most important tool for quality control. Gaps and irregularities in “lighting” and referencing are very easy to identify.

“Picture 1”: Current progress for Munich Trudering.

Next steps

I will close several gaps in smaller streets and will combine this with revisiting some of the streets where I was initially unsure about the light technology used. In <5> “high_pressure_sodium / electric / led / fluorescent / sodium / metal_halide / mercury” are offered however I still struggle sometimes to identify the correct one. I started to collect GPS referenced photographs of lamps in question in order to fix them later in OSM. And finally I want to understand better identifying “Lichtfarben” <6> (colors of light, color temperature) and how this could be provided to OSM. I understand that the light technology determines to a certain extent color temperature - how does this translate to LEDs? I see rework done in my neighborhood to switch to LEDs and it appears that color temperature may not be equal for the different LED lamp types installed.

The cover sheet of the referenced “masterplan” does present a 3D rendering during night time. Does it look like a possible future state for a renderer?


<1> MASTERPLAN BELEUCHTUNGSKONZEPT FREIHAMNORD, Landeshauptstadt München Baureferat, 29-JUN-2016

<2> MASTERPLAN …, page 4




<6> MASTERPLAN …, page 6


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