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Posted by robotnic on 15 March 2010 in English (English).

As already announced in the mailing list, I have a new map online. It's a complete new implementation and does not use openlayer map library.

I developed it for webkit browsers including iPhone. For iPhone I had to use hardware accelerated image rendering to do proper moultitouch.
Chrome and Safari offers also hardware acceleration. Firefox and Internet Explorer announced to support Direct 2D.

With faster browsers a smooth zoom is possible. Try to load some images to the browser cache by zooming in and out. The zoom by doubleclick should be an animation with at least 10 frames/sec (fullscreen).

Please try this in an webkit browser. Opera 10.50 has also very nice speed.
It's still Beta and internet explorer and konqueror are not supported.
Firefox works slower but will speedup in 3.7 Version. If you have 3.7 alpha you have to enable the 2d css.

Licence: LGPL

Happy wheel turning:

If you like it and have some cool improvement ideas or bugreport, come to
to Project Home at:
You can also download and put it to your own webpage.

Demo Page Features:
Fly back: You can move and zoom the map. If you don't know where you are, you can click on the button with the undo symbol. You will have an nice animation that moves you the way back you came.

Geolocation: find your own position (if you want)

iPhone Link: It is possible to automatic generate a QR-Codes that opens a link including map coordinates. On iPhone you can use this QR-Code to open the map view by make a picture of QR-Code on your computer sreen.

Link to Editors: You can directly use the current view to edit it in potlatch and josm.

Fullscreen: start fullscreen mode and than press F11.

have fan, leave reports


Comment from Jekader on 16 March 2010 at 13:02

looks really cool!

Comment from robotnic on 17 March 2010 at 15:02

The Problem was, that I had a cookie bug. 200 Visitors couldn't see anything.
I'have a 10kB connection here and sometimes internet does not work at all....

Sorry 200 People for seeing nothing.
And no sorry for the ie6 visitors. Loosers!
Firefox on USB?

Maybe it's working now. I'm developing.
But yes, I think it's cool.

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