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New mobile editor: Every Door about 2 months ago

Why is the default language German and not English?

New mobile editor: Every Door about 2 months ago

StreetComplete queries Overpass on the fly so yes, if you add opening hours every subsequent query from StreetComplete will see it.

Utilisation de Kobo Toolbox pour la cartographie OSM/Using Kobo Toolbox for OSM mapping 6 months ago

Is there any example of what data can I collect and how it is done?

So far I know that I can create or import a form and collect some data, but what can I use it for?

Also, I culd help with translation, but I have found no link to Kobo in transifex, only links to transifex main page and to create account (I already have an account in transifex).

The Maps Team at Facebook is excited to announce RapiD Editor Partner Testing almost 2 years ago

I’ve tried RapiD and I like it :)

Two questions:

  1. This was already asked by mikelmaron, but a year has passed and I wonder what the current status is. So, is the user feedback taken to further teach the AI?

  2. Can the AI use different imagery for different places? I mean, tere are aerial imageriess that usually cover one country or less, but they have better resolution and usually are better aligned than satellite imagery, so it would be easier to correctly connect lines detected by AI to the mapped road network.

OSM Awards as a thermometer on diversity in the mapping community over 4 years ago

Well, I see it more or less like @Dzertanoj: for some reason there are very few women actively editing the map, so it figures that there are very few female nominees and very few women voting - and this is the place that may require some work. MAYBE having some women win a prize is a way…

I have been editing all over the world and there is a part of the world, where editions by women are visible: muslim countries, especially in Africa. Even now, Nathalie Sidibe from Mali has been elected the Mapper of the Month. Maybe it’s something worth popularising? Maybe we could find out, why it happens so?

deleted by author over 4 years ago

It would be nice if the app searched for tag=value typed in by the user for more then one click.

I.e. I’ve typed in shop=convenience, clicked on the map once and got all shop=convenience around. Then I clicked again in another place and I got hotels instead of expected shop=convenience.

Update name suggestion index almost 5 years ago

I’m afraid that without some page that allows to filter the list by country you will get very little help. It’s hard to go through a global list to check the few names one is familiar with.

Experiments with an airport style over 5 years ago

what exactly are those circles around airports?

Whats in the pipeline for the next Vespucci release? over 6 years ago

How about opening hours editor? AFAIK it was planned for some future version?

About problems with [surface=unpaved; access=destination] roads almost 7 years ago

I have seen an idea somewhere in OSM forum that appeals to me. Why not leave fill and casing for road class and for unpaved roads scatter some dots in casing colour throughout the fill?