First two weeks in Outreachy

Posted by rekth on 10 June 2015 in English (English)

The project I'm contributing to through the Outreachy program is Usability Testing for the Tasking Manager User Interface. The kickoff for the internship was very powerful, yet loaded. Working remotely with someone I've never met has come to be – as opposed to my initial assumptions – quite easygoing and the community has been very welcoming and helpful in the first steps.

During the first two weeks of the internship I got introduced to the community and the workflow. The issues on github were reviewed and the label UI was added to those that were related to the user interface. There has been sorting of the issues in terms of primary (User UI, Admin UI etc) and sub-sorting (Frontpage, Instructions, Feedback etc). Additionally vague issues and those already dealt with have been asked to be clarified in order to either categorise them or close them.

The aim for sorting the issues was that when someone that wants to contribute for a specific issue, they can filter and see other closely related reported issues or feature requests. This also means that when we want to focus on a specific area in the Tasking Manager, for example the Frontpage, then again all we would have to do is filter out the issues that have been filed.

This week we will be working on identifying places that people have trouble with as end users of the Tasking Manager and we will gather ideas for forming a questionnaire for testing the user interface.

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