Continuing from our earlier efforts, our data team at Mapbox and local mappers in Silicon Valley have been diligently tracing missing buildings in San Francisco Bay Area. To date, three Tasking Manager projects are up (#1,#2,#3).

Over 100,000 buildings were traced and validated. Here’s a snapshot of our mapping for Mountain View.

visualizacion mountain view

The [most recent task] ( focuses on filling the gaps. Join us in tracing or post feedback on Github.


Comment from nmixter on 11 January 2016 at 20:34

Awesome job to all who have worked on Bay Area buildings. Congratulations to erjiang who coordinated the Cupertino import of buildings to the south of Mountain View. Maybe soon we can connect the buildings in the Bay Area with the ones I’ve traced in the South Valley region including Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy and all San Benito County. I have been working my way north and have traced several of the buildings in South San Jose as well.

I noticed that the city of San Jose has a building footprint file available for the city. I emailed the city’s gis manager but haven’t heard anything back from them on the usability license for the data. That will be a big project since the data includes address points and building shapes for the entire city. If we can get several people involved in the area working on it, it should be doable. If anyone wants to jump in and coordinate this project, feel free.

Hopefully we can eventually have all the buildings added in the whole Bay area. Little by little, one block at a time.

Comment from ramyaragupathy on 18 January 2016 at 10:52

@nmixter Great to know about the building footprint availability for San Jose. Would love to contribute to the task!

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