Mapbox Mapping Project Guide

Posted by pratikyadav on 17 December 2015 in English.

Over the last few months, we’ve begun and completed several mapping projects. As our team has grown, we’ve needed clear guidance for the team to run a lead a mapping task from inception to completion in line with the best practices of mapping and ensuring the highest quality of contributions to the map.

12314225_818843284893542_7459455561395015025_o Mapbox team during a mapping huddle

We have put together a simple guide to how the data team approaches a mapping project on OSM.

Broadly the guide provides a checklist for a project lead to work through during the different phases of a mapping project:

  • Inception : Background research on the project and identify the Why? question.
  • Getting Started : Capture scope, tools and mapping workflow on a ticket.
  • Trial Workflow : Involve the community in a clear and effective mapping workflow. Do a trial run with a small team to find do's and don't.
  • Scale Up : Train the whole team for scaling up the project.
  • Mapping : Publicise the project on relevent channels and involving active members of local OSM community. Constantly monitor progress, and identify tools and process to improve the workflow.
  • Wrap Up : Improve mapping documentation, capture statistics and publish a final report on the OSM diary.

We invite everyone to have a look at our Mapping Project Guide, and give us feedback, or track any of our recent and ongoing projects in the Mapbox mapping repository.


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