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Pokemon Go trash over 1 year ago

@All There are many changesets of forever2darkness, which should be corrected. See

OpenStreetMap Community Statistics Revisited over 1 year ago

Because it's not mentioned in the text above and could be interesting: "Distribution of (active) @openstreetmap contributors. (Date: Nov. 19th, 2016)". Overall and past 12 months. Furthermore, I also wrote a blog post "A comparative study between different OpenStreetMap contributor groups - Outline 2016".

How large are our national contributor communities and how are they developing? over 1 year ago

For the sake of completeness, open access publication: "Analyzing the Contributor Activity of a Volunteered Geographic Information Project - The Case of OpenStreetMap"

Evolution of TIGER Data in OpenStreetMap US about 4 years ago

the results of our study: "Assessing the Effect of Data Imports on the Completeness of OpenStreetMap – A United States Case Study" (

and a presentation by Dennis: "How Beneficial are Data Imports to OpenStreetMap? – A United States Case Study" (

The Missing Mappers Problem? about 4 years ago

right, you'll find some similar results here: "Recent Developments and Future Trends in Volunteered Geographic Information Research: The Case of OpenStreetMap" (Open Access) [1] Page 88 Figure 3 [2].

[1] [2]