Satellite imagery of Guadix now available

Posted by pieleric on 26 June 2012 in English (English)

As some other persons have mentioned, the Bing imagery has been updated recently. It's especially a big update for me because several of the areas where I've mapped got a better view.

Most particularly, Guadix, a lovely and picturesque Spanish town has now a satellite view. It's a great feeling to see all the street that I've entered using GPS traces suddenly appearing (almost perfectly) aligned over the satellite view. Completing the town should be much easier now! I recommend any one visiting the area to stop by this city and visit the troglodyte district... and write down the name of the streets at the same time ;-) .

It seems that Lima also got new views, with a much better alignment than previously. I've also noticed that around Xi'an the high-resolution area has grown a lot, which should permit to map countryside roads.

Overall, a very useful update of Bing :-)

Location: Guadix, Granada, Andalusia, Spain

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