I’m working on repairing the forest multipolygon in Hokkaido. They are deleted/modified/destroyed badly for several weeks ago.


It is very hard to repair with revert or redrawing, because the damage is too serious and complex. So I would like to reuse the polygons from old planet files if possible.

But I’m facing versioning issues. Anyone has more easy solution?

  • Extract multipolygon relation using osmium: Like those command.

osmium getid -r ./hokkaido-190601.osm.pbf r1083877 -o r1083877.osm

  • Merge: Merging those polygon and current data using JOSM merge selection.
  • Upload: It causes numerous conflicts due to object version is smaller than’s current objects.

Should I tweak the xml file for versioning? (e.g. using sed or some other methods)

P.S. The vandal mapper is editing his edit ignoring my message/changeset comments. I already reported this with’s reporting feature.

He is deleting my repair works, so quite problematic…

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