Notes for Ichi-Sansho-Joho dataset

Posted by nyampire on 16 August 2019 in English (English). Last updated on 17 August 2019.

I’m now taking a look on Ichi-Sansho-Joho data from MLIT, Japan. This is quite powerful dataset about place name, and could be used as OpenStreetMap edits. (include imports, although it is not fully activated)

Seeing Japanese place/address name sample structure, some errors might be contained. This is a note for further works.

  • “11”,”埼玉県”,”11234”,”八潮市”,”112340013002”,”大字二丁目”,”35.821729”,”139.846276”,”0”,”3”

-> Code 3 could be error. Code 1 would be correct. This is quarter named “大字二丁目”. Despite of “丁目” is included.

  • “27”,”大阪府”,”27145”,”堺市南区”,”271450017000”,”竹城台四丁”,”34.498107”,”135.500217”,”0”,”1”
  • “27”,”大阪府”,”27145”,”堺市南区”,”271450035000”,”竹城台二丁”,”34.498169”,”135.505486”,”0”,”1”
  • “27”,”大阪府”,”27145”,”堺市南区”,”271450074000”,”竹城台三丁”,”34.493790”,”135.503225”,”0”,”1”
  • “27”,”大阪府”,”27145”,”堺市南区”,”271450075000”,”竹城台一丁”,”34.500963”,”135.510525”,”0”,”1”

-> Probably original structure is correct, but “n丁” should be devided in the case of use for OSM. Those are Code 1 column, but should be treated as variant of Code 3.

  • “04”,”宮城県”,”04103”,”仙台市若林区”,”041030090000”,”蒲町東”,”38.245498”,”140.932557”,”0”,”3”
  • “07”,”福島県”,”07207”,”須賀川市”,”072070142000”,”北山寺町”,”37.30542”,”140.364113”,”0”,”3”
  • “07”,”福島県”,”07207”,”須賀川市”,”072070143000”,”西山寺町”,”37.303127”,”140.358357”,”0”,”3”
  • “07”,”福島県”,”07207”,”須賀川市”,”072070144000”,”山寺町”,”37.302309”,”140.364716”,”0”,”3”

-> Code 3 might be error. I guess those lines should be Code 2.

And Code 3 lines (丁目) should be divided into 2 nodes. (quarter (町名) and neighbourhood (丁目).) Some quarter might be duplicated to Code 1 lines.

And it seems “釧路市昭和”(大字, quarter)and “釧路市昭和町” are same district, but need more check if it is correct.

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