新年の抱負 2014

Posted by nyampire on 6 January 2014 in Japanese (日本語).

According to Japanese tradition, I write some plans of this year.

Fill the Missing

  • Municipality administration boundary re-import

Boundary data (Prefecture & City level) is completely broken by the result of reduction. So we could not get correct Nominatim search, nor extract from OverPass area query.

I really hope to rebuild of them.

Last year, I was discussed on talk-ja ML and got achievement about the structure refinment of address and place name in Japan. It’s time to go forward.

Challanges are…

  • Old data
  • should be deleted or conflated into new ones.
  • Data size
  • Dataset are a bit big to upload at once.
  • need upload each municipality separately, “then” stitch them on OSM?
  • Conflation with coastline?
  • boundary data from KSJ2 is not accurate on newly reclaimed land.
  • It’s better to merge with existing coastline data. (Optional or Mandatory?)

  • Forest on Kyusyu, Shikoku area
  • Method: Thinking of trace from Bing.
  • Re-import of KSJ2 Forest data is pending. Because of their accuracy (1/25000)
  • Problem is some “Out of Bing coverage” area.

  • Bracket on name tag
  • Discussed on talk-ja ML last year, bracket in name tag like “なにか (SOMETHING)” should not be added on newly edits.
  • Switching existing data (in another word, deleting bracket) is now pending, due to some mappers claim hardly some Multilingual supports.

OpenData anyway

As increasing activity for OpenData, some local government had started publishing their data under CreativeCommons or similar license. Even Japan Government has started “” as their catalog site.

We Japanese must make a guideline for using them in OSM. (as “reference information” not direct import)

Reducing Data Size

Old KSJ2 import data has too many useless tags (even on node!). It is better to purge them out.

Empower Community

I would like to hold more Mapping Party, or Hack Day.

And as a member of OSMFJ, I’ll maintenance “” webpage as a hub site.

Hoping this year will be mappy :)

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