Canberra 5 month update

Posted by numbfew on 10 October 2013 in English (English)

Winter has passed. Canberra winter was quite mild this year. I quite enjoyed it, but didn’t do much mapping.

Compared to my last diary entry, I seem to have added:

Australia Institute of Sport (AIS) grounds—halfhearted. Wasn’t that interested. But recorded some of the names.

Fern Hill housing area—enjoyed doing this. Including the green areas and the housing estate names.

Braddon & Turner. Some housing areas along the alternate cycle route City to Dickson (Moore & Forbes St)

Added some building names in the city CBD. Also green areas in the theatre district. Vernon Circle lookout etc.

Mapped out all the parking areas around Vernon Circle. That was bugging me for the longest time.

Also mapped out all the Russell Offices parking lots.

Added parts of the National Arboretum: the zig zag footpath. And the Wide Brown Land artwork.

Drew out some of the boundaries for the previously undone embassies in the Yarralumla area. From memory: Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Denmark/Norway, Pakistan. Also surveyed some of the footpaths in this area.

Finally surveyed north and south parts of Yarralumla, adding in housing estates. Some really nice views around Yarralumla Bay/Yarralumla Shores.

Very small amounts of green space in ANU. Very incomplete. No time to do more.

Barton buildings and spaces. Boring and tedious.

Recently: Surveyed area around Pearce shops. Also Torrens shops—what a big difference between Torrens and Pearce, even though they are suburbs that are side by side.

Most recently: Surveyed Wanniassa and Monash. Surprisingly (and sadly) much of Wanniassa Shops, Erindale Centre hadn’t been done before. Incredible amount of footways had been previously undone, in Wanniassa alone. Also surveyed and drawn in the massive Goodwin aged care facility and other areas surrounding the Monash Shops.

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