Posted by numbfew on 14 May 2013 in English (English)

Looks like I’ve been a member for 330 days. Most of my edits have been in Canberra.

Incomplete list of edits:

Added footpaths in local suburb & surroundings (Weston Creek).

Added some green spaces.

Minor fixes of redaction things when it happened.

Parliamentary Triangle. Including memorials in Kings Park/Commonwealth Park. Surveyed Nerang Pool surroundings.

Named landmarks around lake e.g. Rond Terraces, Kurrajong Point, RG Menzies Walk, Aspen Island etc.

Parliament House grounds. Including all (AFAIK) water coolers.

Charles Sturt University.

Governor General’s residence (Government House).

Lake Burley Griffin circuit. Including most water coolers.

Also Yerrabi Ponds, Tuggeranong Lake and Lake Ginninderra circuits.

Circularising roundabouts—including State Circle and Capital Circle.

Retagged all ACT nature reserves (AFAIK).

Naming some residential areas e.g. apartment blocks, and also the local shops in several suburbs (incomplete).

Office areas in Deakin (surroundings of John James Hospital, and south of Alfred Deaking High).

Swinger Hill

Adding dog parks.

Realigned Forest Drive and added some new National Arboretum features.

Minor Canberra University edits.

Parking aisles here and there.

Latest project: surveying, drawing, consolidating, and cleaning up all Canberra off-road signed cyclepaths. I did this for the area south of the lake, then for Lake Burley Griffin itself. Most recently, I’m trying to fix up the northwest (Belconnen to Dunlop) and northeast (Gungahlin) areas. Currently fixing up Harrison. There could be some places I’ve missed, particularly the inner-south, ANU and Fyshwick areas. That may have to wait till after our winter.

Location: Barton, Canberra, District of Canberra Central, Australian Capital Territory, 2600, Australia

Comment from nm7s9 on 15 May 2013 at 03:22

Nicely done!

I’m also in Canberra and since I’m starting to do quite a bit of mountain biking, I’m adding the remaining missing trails at Stromlo Forest Park. I’ll also start riding/checking or mapping other areas (sparrow/kowen etc).

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