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Posted by nsmith on 8 September 2012 in English (English)


Last Friday we had a great workshop in Kyiv. Sixteen mappers came to learn more about the basics of OSM. Glad everyone who came out! A huge thanks to IREX who hosted our workshop and provided a great space to work.

We briefly covered the basics of OSM and had some hands-on training time. For further resources, check out the following links:
- Beginner's guide from OSM wiki
- Learn OSM
- Tagging
- Relations
- Field papers
- License Information
- Video tutorial in Russian: JOSM. Quick start

Extra links with related OSM info or examples:

Original annoucement

On Friday, September 14 we've organized an introductory OSM workshop for interested people in Kyiv and for those attending Tech Camp Kyiv. Looking forward to connecting with any OSM mappers in the city and with those who are coming out to learn more about OSM.

Below are the English, Ukrainian, and Russian versions of the online invite we circulated:

Join us for an afternoon of learning about OpenStreetMap on 14 September at 1:00pm.

OpenStreetMap is a free and open-source map that can be contributed, edited, and used by anyone. If you are an experienced contributor or have never heard about the OpenStreetMap project, come join and learn how to use and contribute to OpenStreetMap.

What will the workshop focus on?

The workshop will be an hands-on introduction to OpenStreetMap. The afternoon workshop will teach the necessary skills to get started using and contributing to OpenStreetMap. We'll review OpenStreetMap use in Kyiv and around the world.

Topics to be covered:
- Overview of OpenStreetMap - Examples using OpenStreetMap data
- How does OpenStreetMap work? Data structure basics
- Data entry: GPS, field papers, tracing imagery
- Editing: Using the Java OpenStreetMap Editor (JOSM)
- OSM resources: finding answers, mailing lists, community, etc.

The workshop will be interactive and fun, and will be collaborative environment of learning OpenStreetMap. The workshop will also be a chance to meet and connect with other like-minded mappers in Kyiv. It will be a great chance for people who have never mapped to meet experienced mappers and learn about how to use and contribute to OpenStreetMap.

What to bring? Bring a laptop computer, if you have one, and a two- or three-button mouse. If you have a personal GPS device, bring that along if you want to learn more or teach others how to use it.

Location: IREX, 2nd floor conference room, 36 D Sakasganskogo str, (2nd entrance), 01033, Kyiv, Ukraine

**Top image from Timm Suess:

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