Map verification

Posted by nm7s9 on 6 November 2007 in English (English)

After having horror times in Monterey, California and Las Vegas due to the Teleatlas maps having so many errors regarding turn restrictions, I have concluded that each road needs to be driven three times.

Once by the mapper, to position it properky and name it correctly, and twice by independant verifiers.

Therefore in Canberra (Australia), when I see that a suburb looks complete, as far as road placement and naming is concerned, I will also drive it to check for possible mistakes or missing turn restrictions.

I've just made a couple of "improvments" to Hackett. I hope the mapper of this suburb is not offended. I've really got a bee in my bonnet about one way streets that are not marked as such. Even the Sensis maps of Australia are woeful in this respect.

I really hope that someone will check the areas that I have mapped. I would love for them to be error free.

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