Golden Canyon Road - and Tiger 2007

Posted by nm7s9 on 25 October 2008 in English (English)

I've had problem sending to talk-us so I'll try to put the info here.

Again, let's calm down a little bit. Were you around for the last
import? Did you see how I handled data conflicts in that one? Was
there a problem there that needs fixing this time around?"

Yes I think there were problems. There have been some diary entries bemoaning the fact that their edits had been blown away by the Tiger data upload.

From my own experience I noticed some problems as well. My travels took me through my second most favourite place on earth - Death Valley. When I went to edit in the tracks I noticed that on Badwater road there were two roads (and still are).

One edited in by 80n and another uploaded Tiger one and both intertwined. Since then another mapper has made some improvements to the Tiger one although he has not yet removed the reviewed tag. I've also been slack in this respect but am in the process of fixing this.

More serious is the situation of Golden Canyon Road. I walked up this washway a small way (as you can see from my gps tracks) but didn't want to repeat the fatal decision of a German Tourist so I quickly went back to the car. This was in mid summer.

Google Earth readily shows the correct nature of the car park area and washway status.

80n has this tagged correctly as "footway" but Tiger declares it highway, residential, a most incorrect tagging, and dangerous as well.
Needless to say these two ways are intertwined as well. I haven't looked up the edit dates but I'll take a bet that 80n didn't edit in this footway and not realise that there was an incorrect residential way already mapped. I had already fixed up the other end of this track (at Zabriski Point) but had put the whole area in the too hard basket and decided that when I finally get my tracks all edited in, I would attempt to fix up Death Valley.

I had also noticed problems in San Francisco, where there were two Lombard Streets on top of each other, one with the squiggly bit straight. Fortunately someone has corrected this.
On a side note, I believe that the correct thing to do is to just delete the "Tiger reviewed" tag rather than turn it to "yes".
Is this correct?

I'm firmly convinced that automatic uploads should only go into areas where there are NO user edited nodes or ways. Other updates need to be done manully to avoid data corruption.


Comment from deejay1 on 26 October 2008 at 14:56

The same happened in Poland recently with the UMP data upload and we are still fixing it. The general rule of thumb should be "think before you act"...

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