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openstreetmap-carto time lapse video / openstreetmap-carto Zeitraffer Video

Posted by nebulon42 on 6 July 2016 in English (English)

For my talk at FOSSGIS 2016 I made two time lapse videos that show the evolution of openstreetmap-carto over time.

Für meinen Vortrag auf der FOSSGIS 2016 habe ich zwei Zeitraffer-Videos erstellt, die zeigen wie sich openstreetmap-carto mit der Zeit verändert hat.

Location: Altstadt, Salzburg, 5020, Austria

Osmic Icons für JOSM

Posted by nebulon42 on 17 September 2015 in German (Deutsch)

This entry is also available in English.

Der exzellente Editor JOSM bietet die Möglichkeit das Aussehen der Karte im Editor zu verändern. Neben Linien und Polygonen spielen POI Icons hier eine große Rolle im Standardstil.

Ich habe einen Stil für JOSM erstellt, der die Standard-POI-Icons mit Icons von Osmic ersetzt. Ein Beispiel: Vorschau Osmic JOSM Stil

Hier ist das Projekt-Repository:

Der Stil verwendet die meisten der 149 derzeit verfügbaren Icons von Osmic und benutzt das Farbschema vom Standardstil von openstreetmap-carto. Mit dem Stil für JOSM möchte ich eine höhere visuelle Konsistenz zwischen den verschiedenen POI Icons erreichen.

Ich möchte auch die Wiedererkennbarkeit von POIs zwischen JOSM und dem Standardstil erhöhen, was beim Editieren hilfreich sein kann. Da openstreetmap-carto auch viele der Icons von Osmic verwendet, sollte es einfacher sein die Verbindung zwischen POIs auf der Karte und im Editor herzustellen.

Der Stil ist ganz einfach von JOSM aus zu aktivieren. Details sind in dieser Anleitung zu finden. Der Stil heißt Osmic. Achtung, nur POI Icons werden ersetzt. Daher muss der Standardstil von JOSM (oder ein anderer) zusätzlich aktiviert bleiben.

Kommentare sind willkommen.

Osmic icons for JOSM

Posted by nebulon42 on 17 September 2015 in English (English)

Dieser Eintrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

The excellent JOSM-Editor offers the possibility to change the way how the map in the editor looks. Apart from line styles and polygons POI icons form a major part of the default style.

I have created a style for JOSM that substitutes default POI icons with icons from Osmic. Here is an example: Osmic JOSM style preview

Have a look at the project repository:

The style uses most of the 149 currently available icons from Osmic and re-uses the colour scheme used by's default style openstreetmap-carto. What I'm trying to achieve is more visual consistency between the individual POI icons.

I'm also trying to increase familiarity between JOSM's style and OSM's default map style, which might be helpful when editing. Since openstreetmap-carto also uses many of Osmic's icons making the connection between POI features on the slippy map and in the editor should be easier.

The style is easily enabled from within JOSM by following this guide. The name of the style is Osmic. Please note that this style only substitutes POI icons and you will still need to have the JOSM default map style (or any other) enabled.

Your feedback is welcome.

Osmic (OSM Icons) 0.2

Posted by nebulon42 on 10 May 2015 in English (English)

Release 0.2 of Osmic is available. Osmic is a collection of 100+ clean high quality SVG icons optimised for small sizes. The SVG icons are licensed under Public Domain (or CC0) and the icon font is available under SIL OFL.


Most notable changes:

  • reorganisation (removed halos and shielded versions)
  • Python export script for SVG, PNG, sprites and icon font - which also can add padding, halos, shields, colours etc.
  • added icon font of Osmic

Osmic (OSM Icons) 0.1

Posted by nebulon42 on 8 April 2015 in English (English)

I'm happy to announce the availability of the first release 0.1 of Osmic (OSM Icons). Osmic is a collection of 100+ clean high quality SVG icons optimised for small sizes. The icons are licensed under Public Domain (or CC0).

Icon Preview

Have a look at the Github repository:

Over the last few months many of the available icons already found their way into the standard OSM map style leading to a crisper display of POIs. Thank you to all the people at osm-carto who helped in this process. Thank you for critique, discussion, ideas and improvement suggestions.

Credit goes also to those who inspired these icons, most notably Mapbox' Maki, twain47's Open-SVG-Map-Icons and HOT's Maki extension called Nori.

How are these icons different from Maki?

Not so much. Maki became the main source of inspiration during this work, because they did a very good job in creating a clean and legible icon set. Osmic might be a bit closer to the needs of On the other hand, Maki features icons in three different sizes, which is still a bit out of scope for Osmic but might become necessary later.

How are these icons different from twain47's icons?

twain47 created one of the most complete and extensive icon sets for OSM and he did a great job. Osmic was created to address a few shortcomings regarding rendering icons at small sizes. This included reducing icon complexity and detail, not using different fill colours and aligning icons to the pixel grid. All of that should lead to a less blurry rendering at small sizes.