SW Basingstoke and Kingsclere

Posted by ndm on 18 March 2008 in English (English)

Finally Basingstoke Town FC are on the map :-)

Added a couple more roads and footpaths -- have been making steady progress in SW Basingstoke over my lunch hours :-)

First time I've been "robustly challenged" while mapping -- apparently I looked suspicious -- which I guess is likely when you're wandering round cul-de-sacs (wearing a baseball cap).

Unfortunately, I had to delete some "experimentation" that seems to have happened near Basingstoke station -- luckily only a few untagged zigzag ways, a spare point or two and a moved point on a footpath -- only spotted it when I switched on MapLint. Similarly, it looks like a nice long road I'd added in Kingsclere has been deleted and re-added in a new "colour" -- unfortunately, the side roads weren't reconnected onto it. I hope I've remedied the situation to everyone's satisfaction, if not -- drop me a mail on here.

Location: South Ham, Basingstoke, Hampshire, South East, England, RG22 6RE, United Kingdom

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