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Building community - OSM India 5 months ago

Thanks a lot Wille.

  1. Any suggestions to handle multiple templates ? Currently stored in the wiki and doing copy/paste.

  2. Is there support to send HTML messages ?

Thanks, naveenpf

Building community - OSM India 5 months ago

Hello Pascal, Thank you, We have reviewed that

OSMCha would work for now. Thanks, naveenpf

Building community - OSM India 5 months ago

Thanks cRalgalLAn !!!.

For on-ground community building, you have to reachout to Manoj(, Jaisen ( and Arjun (

Currently, models developed by them is getting implemented by Kerala Government (

There are not many discussions on mirco-grants in our community. WG is getting formed.

The State of OpenStreetMap in Africa 7 months ago

This is really good @Geoffrey !!!

OSM journey begins! 10 months ago

Indic language search will be possible

If you are interested in OpenStreetMap India

August 2019 disputed boundaries update over 1 year ago

this is very interesting .. Added the link here

Going Back to School over 1 year ago

Awesome !!!

How to correct India Maps on Open Street Map(OSM) Tile Server to show disputed Indian boundaries over 1 year ago

Good work Azaadshatru !!! Should we create a .ova and link it to ?

Cyclone Gaja -bringing new users,edits over 2 years ago

On the electric post KSEB with help of ICFOSS, Kerala had created power line map. That helped them very much to come back from flooded situation. (zoomin)

Cyclone Gaja -bringing new users,edits over 2 years ago

The same difficulty I had after Kerala floods 1. Talk to Govt, ask to release GIS data via in ODGL 2. Create meetups. 3. Pass video messages. - 4. Contact media. 5. Create Watsapp group- we have OSM group which has GOK people too.

Rendering non-default language in OSM-Carto standard map almost 3 years ago

Good to see this. !!! Please see the page

Pirate Open Street Mapping Party Wayanad about 3 years ago

Good to see Pirate group starting mapping in OSM. Lot of things can be done in Kerala.

Please add the mapping party under events.

Mapping monuments to OSM over 3 years ago

All the best Karthik … !!! we at at loves the project :) National monuments are mapped by Bhuvan team

Mapping my hometown Munnar over 3 years ago

Hi Ashley,

Welcome to mapping. As part Kerala OSM we have NH and SH in Kerala. If you can help in mapping MDR it will be great.

Thanks naveenpf

Comparing GIS and OpenStreetMap data over 3 years ago

good writeup.. we should document this in osm wiki

Wikipedia and OSM collaboration over 4 years ago

Hi Bushmank, I think there was some development for Wikidata,

State Highways in Kerala about 5 years ago

Yes Jothirnadh, planning to come to mapbox this 25th, so that I can learn how to make a map :)