Hi! I’m Pedro Amaro, an undergraduate student from Portugal. Currently, I’m studying Informatics and Computing Engineering at FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto). I will be working on a project for the OSM community for Google Summer of Code 2017. I took a special interest in OSM for my GSoC proposal, as I had used it before multiple times, mostly to know my bearings and also in the FlightGear flight simulator.

One of the most interesting suggested projects, that mixed some of my interests, including 3D graphics and web applications, was the implementation of a 3D Model Repository. This project consists of implementing a repository for 3D models, where users can upload freely licensed models and their metadata to it, so that 3D visualizers can use this data to render beautiful graphics for buildings (such as the Eiffel Tower) or smaller features such as trees. After a lot of back and forth with the project proposal with Tordanik, I submitted it, and around a month later, was accepted.

In my proposal, I had suggested using OpenLayers as the API for drawing maps in the repository, and having the live 3D preview of models be optional. Upon further discussion, we decided to change the API to Leaflet and start working on the preview early in the summer, by June.

To explore both ideas, I built a small demonstration of each, to get acquainted with the tools I will be using, namely Leaflet and Three.js.

Region around the Eiffel Tower, with a popup with a link to the model Leaflet API demo

Interactive Three.js model of the Eiffel Tower Three.js OpenCOLLADA demo

The Eiffel Tower model was made in Sketch Up by joe89v, and exported as an OpenCOLLADA model. The model can be found here.

Comment from NunoCaldeira on 22 May 2017 at 21:18

boa iniciativa Pedro. Aguardamos pelos resultados. Continua com o bom trabalho

Comment from Chetan_Gowda on 23 May 2017 at 05:38

Oi Pedro Amaro, It’s a great idea and all the best. The OpenStreetMap 3D community should be expanded. I look forward to see this wonderful project shaping up soon. : ) I’m linking the GSoC here to give visibility to the community.

Comment from -karlos- on 23 May 2017 at 18:33

Hi Pedro, that repository will likely be used by OSM3WORLD and OSMBuildings. And I can’t wait to use it with ! If you hand over the API, we could make test during the development.

By the way: There is how it would look like:


Comment from umbrek on 24 May 2017 at 07:17

WITAM serdecznie Pedro jak sie masz?

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