Dead Post Boxen

Posted by mwbg on 11 December 2010 in English (English)

There seems to be an awful lot of postboxen getting nicked and/or blown up here in WR14. Before I started postbox orienteering, I was of the impression that the set of postboxen was pretty much fixed and that the only problem was of getting some sense out of the RM FOI list.

Now, it seems that the set of postboxen needs to be updated almost in real-time; no wonder RM don't want to release the list to the public: they'd never keep it uptodate.

Anyway, managed to speak to Collections Manager at Malvern Rose Bank Gardens PDO today. Seemed quite a nice chap. He told me that the ones that'd been nicked didn't need to be replaced because there were alternatives < 1 mile away (which is true) but that some of the nicked ones _are_ going to get replaced, even though the little lamp boxes only take about 3 items a day !

These lamp boxes cost £1000 a time, it appears.

Just wish they would secure them a bit more sensibly, like embedding them in a wall; all the nicked ones were just "secured" with boltcutterable wire straps to a tree/post.

Now I see WR8 75 has got blown up again. Can't they lock them at night, like meter boxes ?

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