Place names masquerading as road names

Posted by mwbg on 22 November 2010 in English (English)

I've noticed a few places around here where "neighborhoods" are denoted using the same style of street name sign as ordinary street names.

One such example is "Pin's Green". Another is "Lower Interfields".

These are inevitably a small collection of houses (just houses, no other facilities, so I suppose that makes it a hameau) alongside a fairly major A road.

In the cases above, the roads are Worcester Road and Leigh Sinton Road respectively.

What to do in these circs ? Does the "main" name of the road get suspended for as long as the aforementioned name is present ? Is the "main" name of the road supposed to have "died out" by now, so that its official name is up for grabs ?

How does the house numbering work.

It wouldn't be so bad if there were a distinct service road but, in the case of Pin's Green, it's just a layby/bus stop.

Comment from netman55 on 24 November 2010 at 11:09

Had a quick look at Google streetview to see what you meant here.
Lower Interfields seems the easier one, I would be inclined to mark Lower Interfields as a hamlet. Looking at the property websites houseprice and mouseprices, the address format would seem to support this.
Pins Green is harder to determine, the address format would seem to indicate that the layby holds the main road name. My suspicion is that the layby may have been the original route of the main road in years gone by. I something like this in my area where a dual carriageway has been built and the old route has become a long layby, but both carry the same name. Hope this helps

Comment from mwbg on 28 November 2010 at 12:12

I hadn't thought of looking on Estate Agents' sites but I did so and got the same results as what you did.
I also went to the RM postcode lookup; it's very non-forgiving when you want to turn an address into a PC.
The format for Pin's Green is "xx Pins Green" as the building name then "Worcester Road" etc as normal. Thus, I would treat that one as a mews or other dependent thoroughfare (i.e. PG is subordinate to the main road)
The format for Lower Interfields seems to put LI as superordinate to the main road, i.e. "Leigh Sinton Road,.. Lower Interfields".

So, LI is a hameau; PG is a mews.

Now, what to do about "Waterloo Close".

I just wish they'd use different name plates for "places" versus "roads".

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